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February 16, 2005GDI Introduces New Domain Extension - Dot WS (WebSite)

Most of us remember when we signed up for our first email address. It was an exciting new way to communicate with others worldwide!

Soon, many may enjoy that same thrill by reserving a domain name and building their own personal web site. Dot WS, a new domain extension with the same world-wide availability as any other top level domain (i.e. .COM) is targeting the do-it-yourself personal and business web site market. This is offered by Global Domains International (aka GDI), the International ".WS" domain name registry located in Carlsbad, California

Chris Murch (GDI Consultant) says, "The personal web site market, although still emerging, is remarkably untapped." Murch sees tremendous potential in being a GDI affiliate, and creating your own .WS domain name and web site. He is not alone, nearly 20,000 people, spanning the globe have signed up for the opportunity to get their own personal domain name, as well as to profit by sharing this opportunity with others.

For a $10 per month fee, .WS affiliates can not only register their domain name, but within minutes they can also build a professionally designed web site with simple point and click templates.

The monthly fee includes "hosting" for the web site, and 10 email accounts. The web sites are not eCommerce sites with complicated programming. They are easy-to-build sites aimed at the personal market, ideal for promoting a small business, sharing family photos, or posting special information, schedules and events.

Alan Ezeir, Co-Founder of GDI, says, "Simplicity is the key. What we are offering is a simple, straightforward, practical solution."

GDI pays $1.00 per month for each customer in an affiliate's 5-level business organization, which can result in a 50% overall commission payout. An affiliate continues to receive royalties on all active accounts.

The commission structure of the program is 5 tiers. This makes it simple for a person to recover their costs, and even to earn money, in a relatively short period of time.

According to Murch, "One of the keys to the early success of the program is the free 7-day trial, where one can actually register a .WS domain name, build their own web site, and take the entire process for a 'test drive.'"

This "free 7-day trail" is very unique in the domain name industry, where typically a 1-year minimum registration period is required.

Another part of GDI's success is the company's investment in a high tech, personalized 7-minute online video that explains the entire product and opportunity to prospective affiliates.

The company offers advanced email follow-up systems to assist their affiliates in marketing the GDI product, which is FREE for all affiliates to use.

GDI also recently contracted with Murch's company, wsRadio, to produce an online radio show. "The .WS Internet Show" is hosted by Chip Snyder. This show, like all shows on wsRadio, streams live via the internet in traditional talk radio format. It is archived for listening on demand, 24/7. The WS Internet Show ( ) is designed to educate and assist GDI affiliates worldwide.

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